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When we approached, we were not sure the company would be able to help us being that we were a South African based business. We were pleasantly surprised when the consultant told us that it was possible to help us even if were in a foreign country. 13 days down the line, we were fully certified. This was the best surprise our business has ever had. Thanks guys. Keep it up

Joanne Dena – Afrosec Inv., Cape Town, South Africa

These guys have such a simple process it is amazing. We expected a lot of paper work but all we got was a few steps and boom! We were done. It also took just a few days to complete the entire application process. Now we are a fully certified HACCP company. Business has never been better.

Yi Ling – Singapore

 Our first international order came 3 days after we sent out a press release announcing that we had been HACCP certified. This was quite overwhelming owing to the fact that we were used to dealing with local clients only. Simply put, our business became an international one as soon as we got this certification. This is just awesome. We now have two international clients and good business to boot.

Had we known this earlier, we would not have hesitated as we did going through this certification process. As it turned out, it is quite a simple, less involving process. Now we are considering adding Int. to our business name. It’s the truth, isn’t it?!!

Keerthi Kimberly, Singapore

  In two words, satisfaction guarantee! That’s what we can say. We were very much pleased with the guys at Just one guy took us through the entire certification process. What we were once so afraid of became such an easy process.

We are now keenly observing our business as it reacts to our new status. We hear that one of our competitors is considering getting the same certification as it has noticed that we have taken quite a large chunk of business. We are not scared though; there is enough grass for all of us to eat. Thanks HACCP guys. You were a life-saver for our business.

Darryl T, Singapore

The entire process from start to finish was easy and straight forward. We worked with one of the guys at and he was very professional. He quickly put us at ease and took us through the whole process in a very understanding way. His guidance enabled us to complete the process without any hitches. We now await the certificate, which we are sure we succeeded applying for.

Raj Zul, Singapore

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