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HACCP is a certification that follows a systematic preventative approach to food safety. In other words, the HACCP certification denotes that a company follows internationally-recognised best practices, and addresses biological, chemical and physical hazards in food at the production stage, rather than after production is complete.


In full, HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. This process confirms your product quality and food safety management are of the highest level and standard. When a company gets the HACCP certification, it instantly gains recognition from its customers and the world over, as a company that adheres to strict food safety standards, both in the producing, processing and the trading aspects.


This certification will ensure that your company establishes control points in the food processing chain that ensure food safety, and as a result, safe final products.


Why Us

Most companies have experienced brand transformation by simply demonstrating their commitment to food safety by getting the HACCP certification. Many others have had easy market entry and penetration thanks to the same certification. This has opened up a whirlwind of opportunities to such businesses.


With the help of our food experts here at, we assist companies get this certification easily and fast. Our expert teams carry out business audits to help identify potential hazards in their food processing chains. These may be in the form of food safety compromise or poor food hygiene.


With identification of such hazard points, we help you set up control limits, ensuring that you exponentially increase your chances of successfully getting the HACCP certification.


How We Do It

Being an international standard, the HACCP certification process demands that we follow certain rules. We have set up seven principles that guide us to ensure that we guarantee your success when applying for this certification:

  • We conduct hazard analysis. This revolves around the chemical, physical and biological food hazards
  • We identify critical control points
  • We help establish critical control limits that will ensure safe food production
  • We help establish a monitoring system for the critical control points
  • We suggest corrective actions
  • We come up with a verification procedure to confirm that your HACCP system works effectively
  • We help establish a monitoring system for the critical control points
  • We come up with a way to document and keep records


These simple principles have worked magic for our clients. Talk to us today and quickly achieve HACCP compliance, which in turn means that you will have a chance at getting this much desired HACCP certification.

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