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HACCP Certification Process Singapore

All certification programmes aim to help your company stay within set bounds so that it can maintain a high level of compliance that is on a par with industry best practices.


The certification programs that we offer aim to help you identify areas within your company that need improvement so that they can play positively in enhancing your company’s bottom line. We assess your company to determine its needs to help identify the exact reasons why you are seeking certification. Using this evaluation, we can come up with a custom service that helps you best.

The Steps

Understanding all this helps us come up with a very simplified and fast certification process for your company. Below are the simple steps you will follow to get your HACCP certification:

Step 1: Establish Contact

As a first step, you will need to get in touch with us so that you can explain your requirements as well as get a quotation. We have a support team ready for you 24/7 and it will understand your needs.


Step 2: Form Filling

Next, you will need to fill the certification intent form and then send it back to us. When we receive this filled form, we will carry out a complete analysis of your organization with respect to the certification applied for.


Step 3: Document Preparation

Upon agreement and acceptance of our quotation, our highly qualified team of experts will assist you in preparing the mandatory certification documents. These are specific for the kind of certification you apply for, in this case, the HACCP certification.


Step 4: Pre-assessment

We will then conduct an audit to pre-assess and ensure that your business meets all the required certifications. At the same time, we will offer the necessary training to you to ensure that you are ready for the certification when the time comes.


Step 5: Certification Audit

Now that we have prepared you, the next step will be the certification audit by the certification body. Our prior preparation and assistance during this final step guarantees your success.


Go get that certification now! Get in touch with us today and we will help you get your HACCP certification successfully.

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