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HACCP CERTIFICATION standards- how important is that?

Posted by Philip Brew April 27th, 2015

By now you must have known how important HACCP certification is for picking up food and you are very alert we hope. But now a question might hover in your head as to what is the exact standard of HACCP Certification. It is very normal to think in this way if you do not know […]

ISO 22000 Certification- to enhance the reliability of any business

Posted by Philip Brew March 18th, 2015

ISO 22000 Certification is, in fact, an international standard intended to control the food safety managing structure for all companies or organizations, which deal with a variety of food stuffs by any means. It denotes that the food is totally standardized from the farmyard directly to one’s dining plate. ISO 22000 includes HACCP standards and […]

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