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Benefits of HACCP Certification

Getting an HACCP certification for your business tells the world that you are dedicated to ensuring that all the food you produce or trade in is of the highest quality and that it meets the highest safety standards. This, on its own, wins you huge trust from the customers who buy from you. This will convincingly distinguish you from your competitors.


However, this is not all that this globally recognizable certification wins you. Below are a few of the main benefits that you get when you become HACCP certified:


Some of The Awesome Benefits of Having an HACCP certification

Brand boosting

A HACCP certification magnifies your brand greatly. Your company, however small it may be, receives a brand enhancement. Within Singapore, and also in foreign markets, your company will appear to be larger and more trustworthy. Certification will give you access to a broader range of business opportunities.


Market entry

If you wish to enter a new or more competitive market, an HACCP certification will give you a huge edge against your competition. HACCP will facilitate market penetration by making it easier to build trust with potential clients.


Customer trust and royalty

Customers who trust you will return to you, and will recommend you. As your reputation grows, so will your revenue.


Government contracts

Most government tenders, especially those relating to food supplies, require that the companies tendering have undergone vetting by a third party. Having this certification automatically qualifies you for such contracts. Certification will allow you to easily allay the concerns of government agencies who are considering awarding you lucrative contracts.


Global recognition

The HACCP certification is a globally recognized and accepted certification. Even a small company in Singapore has a very competitive edge across the globe as long as it has this certification. The HACCP certification opens your business for global opportunities.


Better prices

Products produced by a HACCP-certified company are worth more. People are always more willing to pay more for assured quality, as opposed to paying less to save. Therefore, with this certification, you get higher profit margins, which are good for your business.
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