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Leading HACCP Food Safety & ISO Certification Firm in Singapore

We are Singapore’s leading Food Safety Certification & Consulting company to the Food and Primary Production Industry.

Our skilled consultants and renowned accreditation process enables us to assure consumers of the safety and quality of the food being produced by you via audit, inspection and verification of your food quality and management systems.

HACCP Certification Singapore offers a wide range of Services

Implementation of your food safety management system provide assurance that you are consistently delivering quality produces.
We also conduct training to help your staff better understand the entire process and to improve the standard of your food safety and management system.

Leading the pack with HACCP certification – The key certification essential in any company in the food processing industry.

HACCP Certification – ISO 22000 Certification – Agriculture and Food Services

This certification defines your company as being dedicated and caring enough to produce safe food.

With our services, we aim to convert knowledge into value that benefits you and your company. Allow us to convert our years of experience to enable your business to meet the highest standard in food certification. This is what gives us a unique advantage as your consultation & certification firm when you are seeking such certifications. We know what you need to do to get the certification.


Why Choose HACCP Singapore

A majority of businesses and companies in Singapore choose us when seeking HACCP Certification. Most also refer more business to us after working with us.

If you are wondering why, below are just a few of the reasons :

1. Industry Experts

We have in our team highly qualified experts who know everything there is to know about these certifications. Our experts know the certification process, the legalities involved, what the key checkpoints within the certification process are, and the jargon used in these processes. These experts also have a combined experience of many years, meaning that we have the solutions to any of your business needs.


2. Affordable Price

As much as our services are top quality and unmatched, money is not what drives us. We only charge rates that are very affordable to any size of business. We also have a remote management arrangement, which makes our prices even cheaper.


3. Documentation

Throughout the certification process, we follow a well-documented procedure that covers every aspect of the certification process to increase your odds of success. We also have a fast turnaround with our services, offering customer satisfaction and even going a step further to offer clients post certification services. Talk to us today to enjoy prime HACCP certification consultation services.

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