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Leading HACCP Certification & Consultancy Company in Singapore is among the very few consulting firms around the world that offers Professional consulting experts in Food Safety & ISO Standards. We are a leading HACCP certification consultation company in Singapore, offering high quality integrated services to meet our clients’ expectations and requirements.
Obtaining HACCP certification is a difficult process for many businesses in Singapore. The amount of jargon and number of steps involved can be overwhelming for business owners.
HACCP simplifies the certification process. We can translate the jargon, and provide you with training to help make certification manageable. If you are considering certification, trust HACCP’s expertise and let us find you a winning solution.
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Understanding HACCP

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

Any company that seeks to gain more trust from their customers with their product quality and food safety standards needs to get a HACCP certification.

This approach to food safety addresses chemical, physical and biological hazards as a preventative measure rather than waiting to sort potential problems on the finished products via product inspection.

Benefits of HACCP Certification

The HACCP approach benefits organizations that operate within the food supply chain in that it enables them to determine the main areas in the food production process so that they can concentrate their resources around the activities that will ensure safe food.

Having this certification instantly demonstrates to your customers that you are committed to trading or producing safe food. This certification is evidence-based meaning that it is very beneficial to your business and especially if you are subject to inspection by your business stakeholders or regulatory authorities.

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